SPRING ANNOUNCMENTS!!! -Please note the Spring Maintenance Packages are being put together and will go out by March 1st, 2010. Look for those very soon!! Please call for your Spring Opening!!! OUR EMAIL IS 1perfectpools@cox.net Don't forget the 1!!

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Spring Announcements

We are scheduling spring openings at this time. Contact us now to get your 
name on the schedule for the date you want to open your pool.

    For those of you who have to manually clean out your DE Filters (diatomaceous earth), this spring you may want to consider having a multi-port valve installed to make your cleaning easier and much more efficient.  Instead of a 45 minute job - simply backwash your filter in only 5-10 minutes and not get dirty in the meantime.  
Contact us
for your free installation quote.  

Thinking about upgrading your pool cover for the fall?  Consider a LoopLoc Cover.
Contact us for an free estimate.

    If you have a need for "fill dirt," we would be happy to put your name on a list to receive dirt from our pool construction sites that may be in your area. Simply write us with your name, phone number, and neighborhood and we will contact you should we be able to meet that request.

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